Online Casinos Vs Landbased Casinos Which One Is Superior? In-Depth Analysis From A High Roller

Learn which is best to gamble at & why? land based casinos vs online casinos the shocking truth.

Online casinos vs land-based casinos, It’s clear that until a few decades ago, land-based casinos were preferred and were identified as the real place dedicated to the game. Now, however, everything has changed, since on the web there is the possibility to play at any time in many virtual rooms as explained in this article of online slots vs land-based slots. Online casinos are the alternative to land-based casinos and have some advantages. These benefits include:

Online casinos offer a high payout ratio

The chances of winning and payout percentages in the online casino are much higher compared to those of a land-based casino. This applies especially to the online slot machines. The payout percentage is the percentage that a player gets back for playing. Let’s take an example: You play at Europa Casino, which has a payout ratio of around 97% (these odds change every month). This means that you get 97 cents back for a 1 dollar steak. The house edge is only 3%. The payout percentages in an online casino are higher because these casinos have fewer costs (rent, personnel, etc.) than that of a land-based casino. On average, the payout percentages of an online casino are around 97%, while the casinos in Las Vegas are around 90%.

Online casinos can offer these breathtaking odds not only for classic games but also for slot machines. In an online casino, players have significantly better chances of winning. Also, there are so-called progressive jackpots at many slots in online casinos, which are increased by each game. The maximum profit per game is suddenly no longer a few thousand dollars but is significantly higher. Some casinos have progressive jackpots that periodically hit the one million dollar mark.

More and cheaper games

Maintaining an online casino compared to an offline casino is much cheaper and in addition to this, the constant development online is also cheaper than in a land-based casino. This has the advantage for us that online casinos can offer a wider range of casino games. Here we find traditional casino games, slot machines and modern new video slots combined in a single casino. All online casinos are constantly striving to expand their game repertoire with the very latest games. If an offline casino would want to keep up, then the slot machines would require a lot of space, which would naturally result in high costs.

Furthermore, it is easy to see that online games can be played with different betting levels. Sometimes you can set the coin value from $0.01 up to $500. So you can play according to your budget and are not subject to the fixed slot machines that are offered offline. Depending on how much money you have available or if you just want to try out a game once, you will find the possibility to play online cheaply.

Casino bonuses and other casino promotions

Every online casino offers a new casino player a so-called casino bonus. Here the first deposit is adjusted with a certain percentage up to a maximum amount. For example, you get a 100% bonus on the first deposit of up to $100 from an online casino. This means that your first deposit into the casino will be doubled and you can play with it up to $ 200. These types of bonuses are not offered in an offline casino, so you may get extra casino chips on your first visit, but this is rather the exception.

In addition to the casino bonuses that are given on the first deposit, there are additional casino promotions every month in the online casino. These vary from casino to casino and range from casino tournaments, free spins, extra cash to other offers. There are also corresponding promotions in land-based casinos, but not in the same exception as we find them online.

Online casinos are convenient

Numerous casinos attract players with a luxurious ambiance and a good reputation. But most of these exclusive casinos are not easily accessible in city centers, but very special places. This way, the tour to the casino will be at least full of the day, because the entry is not worth it for a few minutes of small game. Also, the players in these casinos are often forced to put on a suit or at least a shirt to be allowed to play at all. An online casino is much less complicated because it can be used very comfortably on a smartphone, tablet or PC and the selected game can be started within a few seconds. 


There are people who may find it uncomfortable to go to a casino and then prefer the anonymity advantage that an online casino offers. The casinos on the net allow players to deal discreetly with his gambling passion. In addition, not everyone likes the atmosphere of a land-based casino with all the other players and dealers. When playing on the Internet, you don’t have to wait until your favorite machine is finally free, you don’t have to tip at the roulette table and you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t feel like it. You can devote yourself to your favorite game at any time, alone and in peace, as often as you like.

Free game option

When you go to a land-based casino, you usually take a certain amount of money with you because you want to play. Online it looks different if you want you can try a game in free play money mode. This option is fantastic, especially for newcomers to the casino world, because it gives you the opportunity to watch a game without any risk of losing profit. And this option is also worthwhile for old-established casino bunnies since it is also easy to practice. Or you look at an unknown game and then simply move on to the next one if you don’t like it. As soon as you have found something that appeals to you, you can get started and play with correct bets, you do not have this freedom in any casino.

Wide range of possible uses

Last but not least, it can be said that there is an opportunity on the net to play with different levels of betting. In the slot machines of the online casinos, which are not all set offline like the machines, you can set the coin value in some cases from 0.01 dollars to 500 dollars. So, on the one hand, it can be played very cheaply and on the other hand, depending on the budget, with very high stakes. High rollers, for example, like it a bit more exciting and expect stakes or game variants with a high limit. They are more like a game like roulette, in which you can place bets of up to 50,000 dollars. In some online casinos, loyal customers who would like to take more risks can set their own limits – it is worth asking customer service.

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