Empire City Casino Review

Empire City Casino Review Of A Land Base Casino Located In New York City

Empire City Casino Review:

I’m an avid gambler a hardcore professional I enjoy gambling at online & land-based casinos. I’m very skilled at many casino gambling games such as poker, sports wager, baccarat, & of course blackjack & roulette. I also enjoy slots from time to time the high limit ones. This is my official review of empire city casino & my thoughts about land-based casinos & it’s purpose now if you guys have been following me for some time then you would know that I am a hardcore online gambler as a matter of fact I prefer it because the action never stops. But land-based casinos have its purpose, empire city casinos are considered a class 2 casino they use VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals) they are located in 810 yonkers avenue in New York City. I gamble here a lot because I have family members nearby so my experience is very vast in this casino. I like to play electronic roulette because they don’t have live dealers. I like to stay away from their electronic blackjack games because it’s trash and has a low payback percentage. Below I’m going to discuss what I like & don’t like about empire city casino: 


I like the environment, it’s small & cozy & it has a racetrack, it’s small enough to be cozy but not large enough to be over crowded. 

Pretty girls working there offering FREE drinks and a nice bar cool place to hang out at. 

Nice live events on the weekends & great tasting food. 


Ridiculously tight when they don’t want to pay they will make sure they don’t pay you by rigging the machines/table games 

No live dealers that’s a big NO NO in my opinion 

Low payback percentage like i said before don’t expect to win lots of money here 

It’s not 24 hours they are open from 10:00am to 6:00am 

Terrible Rewards & FREEPLAY offers you literally have to wager thousands & thousands of dollars just to get anything substantial you would have to wager twenty thousand dollars per every 3 months just to get twenty dollars in free play 


I’m honestly neutral because I’ve actually won a lot of money at empire city casino however they need to work on their hospitality skills & treat their high rollers with better respect. So I rate them a 6/10 I’ve won a lot of money there because I know what I’m doing, the average gambler or person will actually lose their money at empire city casino but it’s an entertaining place to be at I don’t recommend it for serious gamblers that want to make money unless of course if you’re like me & you know what you’re doing. Yes, you can probably win a couple of hundred bucks here & there but overall if you’re a beginner or average gambler you will lose your money at empire city casino. There are a hell lot better land-based casinos on the east coast than empire city casinos. This is just my personal experience with them. I’ve beaten them for thousands of dollars but like I said before I’m very experienced when it comes to gambling as an investment. It is a combination of both luck and skill but nothing is random at empire city casinos. They control the payouts & they control the machines and when I say machines I’m talking about electronic roulette tables, slots & everything else. With that being said, if you are skilled at betting on horse races and want to have fun then go ahead take a trip to empire city casino & enjoy until then I’m sticking to online casinos….

RATING: 6/10 

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