Box 24 Online Casino Review

If you are the type of person who is relaxed inside the casino, you might be fidgety right now. Almost all, if not all land based casinos are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing is the norm. 

You remember the time when the players had a good run at the blackjack table. And all the seated players, plus a good number of standing guests who happen to pass by when the card dealer seems to be doing payouts all the time, instead of collecting the chips of the customers. Everyone is having a good time.

And at the dice table, there is a shooter who for a good one hour, doesn’t seem to know how to shoot a seven, which will make everyone lose. The customers are pushing and shoving politely other guests to be able to get a piece of the action.

And you, you are a seated customer on the blackjack table, raking in a lot of chips, in the tens of thousands of dollars. You whisper to a colleague, because you cannot escape the action on the blackjack table. You give your colleague some chips to bet on the dice table, while the long shooter avoids the sevens. You rake in your winnings from two tables. You are having the time of your life. You are laughing, while there is a glass of wine beside you. You are so relaxed.

There is an absence in the air right now. You are aching to go out of the apartment, but your city has declared a lockout. The quarantine is on.

What to do. There’s the tv. Cable? No. Netflix? No. Books? Magazines? No. It’s just not you. You want action.

The next best thing. Box 24 Casino. Get in on the action.

Box 24 has hundred of casino games. It has countless slot machines. It not only accepts Visa or Mastercard, it also accepts bitcoin cryptocurrency for payment. Plus Maestro, Neteller Paysafe, Solo, Visa Electron, Skrill, Ideal, Poll, Qiqi, Webmoney and many more.

Almost all currencies. US, Canadian, and Australian dollars, pounds, euros, kronor, and more. 

This is very exciting because as a newly registered player, you get a 400% bonus which will match your deposit. For example, a 1000 US dollars deposit, will automatically give you an additional 4000 capital from Box 24 for wagering. 

If you opt not to deposit, as a new registrant, you get 25 free deposits. But the attraction is the 400% matching bonus. You cannot that from any bank or hedge fund! Better to make a deposit. Get out those bitcoins of yours and multiply them. 

Get also daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses if you are a registrant with deposits.

On Magnificient Monday, deposits of 200 to 499 pounds will enjoy a 200% bonus.

Come High-Stakes Tuesday, a nice 150% bonus will cascade on a 100 to 199 pound deposit.

Then Wonderful Wednesday. It is a nice day because your 200 to 499 pounds entitles you to a 200% bonus.

Here is High-Stakes Thursday. And you will enjoy 250% addition on top of your 500 to 999 pounds deposit. 

Exciting Full House Friday. Only 200 pounds or more deposit entitles you to 250% bonus.

Super Saturday! You will smile when you garner your 300% bonus after depositing 1,000 pounds.

Super weekender Super Sunday! Collect 250% bonus for your 200 pound deposit. 

The marketing people of Box 24 really cracked their heads up coming up with these schemes for you, their guests. They know there is a lot of competition out there for your bucks, so they came up with these delightful offerings. 

Imagine, whatever amount of money you put into your deposit to Box 24, you enjoy a premium. And when you wager, together with the Box 24 add-ons, lady luck can multiply your money even more. 

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy Box 24 games. Slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, and a whole lot more. You just have to enter the website, choose what gaming platform to enter on Box 24, and then enjoy wagering your money.

In the comfort of your home, you are enjoying the relaxing benefits of playing on Box 24.

There are also tournaments and raffles to join while logged in into Box 24 casino.

Join the Smokin Aces Blackjack Tournament. Be one of the seated customers online and win 21,000 pounds.

Enroll in the VIP Clash of the Titans only every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. There is a 200,000 pound guaranteed prize. 

There is the daily 15,000 pound (guaranteed) skirmish.

There is this raffle scheduled for Christmas. Something to look forward to in the Holidays. Join this for the 50,000 pound guaranteed prize. 

Plus of course the daily 100 to 300% counterpart bonus for every deposit you make everyday. You will never regret you registered in Box 24 and made your daily deposits. 

If you are concerned with legitimacy, fret no more. Box 24 is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and by Curaco. 

Any questions you might want to throw to our able staff, do it through any of the following platdorms: Live Chat, Email, FAQ, and through Telephone. 

The online protection on the Box 24 website is one of the best because of SSL Encryption. So you will always be assured your wagered currency and especially your winnings, are safe and secure on Box 24, and will be coursed back to you according to your pleasure. 

What is life without Box 24. Plain boredom. Get the thrills, the suspense, the opportunity to win. Register now at Box 24 and make your own deposit.

Make the first move. Go to our website and explore it. Then when you are enjoying what you see, press on the register button, and have your card details ready. Or your bitcoins ready. 

Box 24 has over 17 years of experience in gaming. So it will never let you down because it is a veteran in the pleasure industry. All you have to do is press the register button. Curl up and enjoy the games! 

5.0 rating

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